Target Marketing To Connect With Your Target Audience

Target Marketing To Connect With Your Target Audience

So you've started your new business, you've got your products all lined up and you're ready to hit the ground running. Where do you start? You always start with target marketing.


Target marketing is marketing to the exact group that you wish to connect with. Ideally, this group would be interested in your products or services. When you are getting a new business off the ground, the easiest thing to do is to think that everyone is your target market...

Big mistake!

Not only is having your target market clearly defined, it's the best way to market, because you know exactly who you are marketing to, what their needs are and why they would buy your product.

When you have clearly identified who you are marketing to, you can also reduce your advertising costs by creating more buyers from your efforts.

If you haven't identified your market yet, then there isn't any reason to start crafting your unique marketing message.

Think about it.

If you are marketing to people that you can't identify with, they won't be prepared to listen to anything you say.

That's why it's important to understand how to target your audience, and then create the right message that will connect with them and cause them to request more information about your product, or even better to purchase your product.

I am going to share with you how you can easily do create your target audience, and grow your business faster than you thought possible.

How to Start Target Marketing

So, imagine for a moment that you are a professional, working in corporate America. You want out because you work long hours and by the time you get home, your kids are asleep.

That's painful. I know because I've done it and that's my story. After awhile it gets really old, and not to mention that when your children tell you how much they miss you, and when you hear from your wife that they have been waiting up for you and you never came home, it's heartbreaking.

So many go through this, and sadly, most Americans find themselves doing this because they NEED the money. The great news is that you can learn how to earn passive income online, and target marketing done right will help you grow it on a part-time basis right now.

So, how do you start? You figure out how you can market to those like you, those you have something in common with, and there you have it!

So just like I shared my story, write out the background of your ideal customer, including what's currently going on in their life and what they really want. Your goal with your product is to understand who that customer is that would buy your product, and what it will solve for them.

You ideally want to create two to three ideal customers for your products, and create your target audiences around them. When you create these customer profiles, you can dig in deep on how they think, what they're motivated by, what they're afraid of, and what they will experience from your product.

When you have a couple of completed profiles it's time to head over to social media.

Target Marketing With Social Media

You may already know this, but it's true. Social media is a great marketing tool because you can gain access to massive amounts of data that can allow you to identify your target audience and market specifically to them.

With over 1 billion users on Facebook, and the average user spending an hour per day on Facebook alone, there is tons of information here that you can use to create your audience.

Think about it, people use social media and sites like Facebook to search for:

  • Information
  • Ideas on gifts
  • Businesses they have heard about
  • Retailers they use
  • Specials and discounts at these retailers
  • Friends and family

Whatever the reason, just know that if they are going to be there, you might as well use the information they're sharing to attract them and get them to visit your website or blog. You need to learn more about your audience, where they go, what they buy, and what they are interested in.

Once you know this, you can easily send them targeted ads, create Facebook pages that offer them something, and use more ads to drive them to your product.

This way you can start attracting the prospects you want into your business!

Target Marketing is Essential for Growth!

There is no doubt that “target marketing” is essential to the growth of your business. If you don't know where to start, or how to make it work, leave me a comment below, or send me a contact request.

I'd be happy to show you the exact strategy that I use to generate leads and customers for my online business.

My goal is to help you get from point A to Z as quickly as possible. While you have your own business, you don't have to do this alone. Are you ready to learn more about marketing your business the way that some of the highest paid marketers in the industry do?

Do you want more free time with your family? Do you want to learn how you can capture the right audience every time without fail?

To learn more about target marketing, and how you can do it right every time, go HERE to connect with me NOW!


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