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Consumers, Marketers and Online Business

As someone who is building an a business online, be it an affiliate marketing business, an online network marketing business, or maybe an online direct sales business, one of the quickest ways to turn what you learn into knowledge and commission is to start thinking like a marketer.

Now that sounds simple, and it is, but many newbie online marketers actually view what they are learning and doing through the lens of a consumer.  To be successful online, you have to think like a marketer.

Now you may be wondering.. “Aren’t marketers consumers?” 

Of course they are, but how they think is vastly different.  Consumers and customers are looking for someone to solve their problem.  A marketer on the other hand is a person who knows that the problem exists and markets a product to the consumer to solve that problem.

When you think like a marketer, you’ll start viewing commercials and other advertisements differently.  The next time you see an infomercial, take 15 minutes and watch it.  When you do, try to figure out what problem they are attempting to solve with their product, and then watch how they structure the pitch to actually sell the product.

If you start studying what successful marketers do, you’ll start seeing exactly how it’s done and why it works so well.

While a marketer is also a consumer, the consumer isn’t normally a marketer.

Get that 🙂

So if you are focused on being or becoming a marketer, you have to focus on solving the problems that your customer faces.

Now you may be asking, if thats the case, how do I do that? 

The answer is actually pretty simple, you develop your marketers eye.  Your marketers eye is how you view the things that you come into contact with.

When you purchase a course, do you purchase for the features and benefits that it provides?  Or, do you purchase with what you can learn and teach?  Re-read this two or three times, it’s that important.

As a marketer, you want to focus your energy like a laser into learning things that you cannot only implement, but that you can go and teach and use to solve your potential customers problem.

In the the short video below, I break down exactly how to develop your marketers eye and how to use it to create success and leadership in your business.

Developing Your Marketers Eye

I hope this blog post and video helped you think about how to look at everything you do as a marketer instead of a consumer.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.  Peter Drucker

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