Want To Buy Instagram Shoutouts? Read This First

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So you've got your Instagram account all setup, and you're growing your following. The only problem is, it's not growing fast enough. So now your looking to buy Instagram shoutouts.  

But if you buy Instagram shoutouts are they worth​ it?


I've been there myself and know exactly where you are coming from.

A lot of online marketers are asking this same question.

I'm sure you probably know that Instagram is hot, and depending on the type of business you're in, there are lots of potential customers on Instagram who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Not only that, Instagram can be helpful as a business building tool, because it’s also a growing social community.

One of the biggest appeals about Instagram is that's incredibly visual since it's picture based. One of the great things about Instagram is that you won't invest a lot of time in it every day like you would if you are writing for your blog.

Pictures always speak volumes when they are relevant, and because your followers see what you share, it gets you exposure back to your Instagram account.

So What's The Deal With Shoutouts

So here's the idea behind the Instagram shoutout.

It’s all about sharing someone else’s information, and for someone else to share yours.

It's kind of like a "I'll help you, if you help me", and the upside is that both people benefit.

With that brief overview, here's the question...

What are you wanting to accomplish if you buy Instagram shoutouts?

Today, I’ll share with you my thoughts, and I’ll also give you some insight into what happens when you use a purchased shoutout to market your brand.

Think Twice Before You Buy Instagram Shoutouts

When social media first arrived on the scene, Facebook was the place to be. Twitter then got into the spotlight, causing entrepreneurs from everywhere to scramble to learn how to leverage both platforms to market their products and reach potential customers.

Facebook and Twitter have made it possible to share all sorts of posts, including text posts, photos, videos and now, live streaming video. Over the years Facebook and Twitter have evolved, and are now considered mature social media communities.

Instagram is slightly different in that it's primary format is photos and short videos and it's relatively new. The newness and sharing format has attracted new users because they've made it easy to interact and share content quickly.

All of these things make buying a shoutout attractive.

Here are a few things to think about before you buy Instagram shoutouts.

Back in the day when Facebook got started, there were several online sites that allowed users to buy likes. When marketers wanted to buy likes on Facebook to boost their profiles or engagement, more often than not, they were getting fake user profile activity.

Since fake profiles tend to erode social communities (anyone remember MySpace?), Facebook removed the ability to buy likes. Buying likes was bad business, not only for Facebook, but for the end user as well. I mean giving potential customers an illusion that you have followers, that's pretty weak sauce.

If you want to build a following of people who know, like and trust you, why would you want to fool your them?

Be authentic.

That brings me to shoutouts...

Much like what happened on Facebook, buying shoutouts is a deceptive practice to artificially grow your Instagram following.

Instagram is fairly new, and there are quite a few different ways to build your following by using tried and true marketing strategies (hint hint, these strategies work on all social media platforms because they're focused on connecting with people).

Rather than choosing to buy Instagram shoutouts, the best thing you can do is network and foster relationships.

A few years back, I tweeted (well mis-tweeted, and he corrected me) a quote by Bob Burg that said...

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.”

There's a lot of truth to that.

Do others trust you?

If you want to create a meaningful impact and build long lasting relationships with your clients and customers, don’t give people a reason not to like and trust you.

Be open about who you are and what you stand for. Make sure that you focus on connecting with the kind of people that you would want to do business with.

In turn, you'll start to attract and connect with quality, like minded people who are a fit for what you are offering.

Is it Right for You to Buy Instagram Shoutout?

Leveraging a new marketing method can be a lot of fun, especially if it can help grow your business.

While it isn’t wrong to buy Instagram shoutouts, I personally believe that it’s best to market in an authentic fashion. It does take time to share profiles of others and to actively network, but in the end, I think the quality will outweigh the quantity.

And if you want to build for the future, it’s the best way to go for long-term success.

There are tons of folks that buy shoutouts to try to build social proof quickly, and hey, they may even see some results from doing so. But are they creating real followers? I know I would.

I hope this blog post helped you make a decision on if buying an Instagram shoutout is a good strategy to build your following.

If this was helpful, please feel free to share it.

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Myra - a couple of years ago Reply

Great post Brandon! I want to attract my target audience on IG, so I use more authentic methods to gain followers that will stay and who are curious to know more about me.

Susy - a couple of years ago Reply

I completely agree with your assessment on this topic. Sure it may grow your followers but the whole point of any marketing campaign is to generate real followers that are interested in your brand and ultimately in your products.

    Brandon Mouton - a couple of years ago Reply

    Spot on Susy. Sometimes people just want results, even if they won’t produce the real results that they want. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

Denise Cardenas - a couple of years ago Reply

This is so valuable…I would of never known this. Thank you so much for sharing this content. 🙂

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